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Hidden Gem: Livermore Valley

Livermore Valley wine region, a hidden gem nestled in Northern California, just an hour east of San Francisco, is gaining more traction than ever. It's finally being recognized as the prestigious wine region that it is. Steven Mirassou from Steven Kent Winery states, “Undoubtedly, the quality of the wines has risen dramatically, and I think that the word is beginning to filter out. The mainstream wine press is writing more about the valley than ever before, and a younger generation of wine lovers is keen on exploring ‘new’ areas like the Livermore Valley. I believe any region that aspires to greatness must have the viticultural chops as well as a cadre of souls who won’t accept less," The Drive For Quality In Livermore Valley). We see evidence in the growth of the region as the number of wineries in approximately twenty years have tripled! Not only do we see an expansion in the region, but we see improvement in quality. Aside from the talented winemakers and premium wines, the 50-square-mile area of Livermore Valley offers a unique experience. Livermore Valley offers a span of activities and events that wine lovers will be sure to love! You'll be sure to have a delightful afternoon exploring the beautiful landscapes and fruitful wineries of Livermore Valley.

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