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What is an All-Inclusive Wine Tour with ETS Like?

Ever dreamed of a day spent indulging in the exquisite wines and breathtaking scenery of Napa Valley, but without the logistics? Look no further than eXtraordinary Tours! We specialize in crafting all-inclusive wine tours designed to transform your Napa Valley experience into an unforgettable journey of luxury and personalized discovery.

This blog will delve into the world of eXtraordinary Tours, showcasing the flexibility and opulence that define our tours. We'll explore how we tailor itineraries to your specific desires, from selecting the perfect transportation (luxury cars, limousines, or spacious buses) to curating winery visits that cater to your unique palate.

Whether you crave a romantic getaway for two or a celebratory group outing, we'll ensure every detail is meticulously planned, allowing you to simply relax and savor the exquisite flavors and unparalleled beauty of Napa Valley.

Choosing the Right Transportation

Your Napa Valley experience begins the moment you step aboard. That's why we offer a variety of luxurious transportation options to suit the size and style of your group:

Luxury Cars:

Ideal for smaller groups or couples seeking intimacy and elegance, our luxury cars provide a comfortable and upscale travel experience. Imagine cruising through the scenic Napa landscape in a sleek sedan or coupe, enjoying the feeling of exclusivity and personalized attention.


For a touch of unparalleled glamour, our limousines, including the stunning 2018 Grech Alysa Limousine Coach, offer the ultimate in luxury transportation. This showstopper boasts plush, couch-style seating, a panoramic front viewing window for taking in the sights, and a state-of-the-art audio and video system to keep you entertained throughout your journey.  

Medium-sized groups will find the Grech Alysa Limousine Coach to be the perfect blend of spaciousness, comfort, and sophistication, making every wine tour a red-carpet-worthy occasion.


For larger groups or corporate events, our spacious and well-appointed buses offer the ideal solution. Take the Grech GM33 Limousine Coach for example, boasting features like custom Corian bars, dazzling LED interior and exterior lighting, and even custom luggage racks with ambient blue accent lights. 

Up to 26 passengers can travel together in utmost comfort, ensuring a lively and enjoyable atmosphere for family gatherings, group celebrations, or corporate outings.

Crafting the Perfect Itinerary

A truly exceptional Napa Valley experience is more than wine tasting; it's a crafted journey where luxury transportation, personalized itineraries, and unforgettable moments weave together to create memories that linger long after the last sip. That's why we excel in crafting personalized itineraries tailored to the unique tastes and interests of each group.

Here's how we transform your dream wine tour into reality:


Our journey begins with a personalized consultation, where we take the time to understand your group's preferences. We'll dive into your wine knowledge, explore your taste profiles (whether you favor bold reds or crisp whites), and discuss any specific experiences you'd like to incorporate into your day.  

This open dialogue allows us to get a clear picture of your desired pace, preferred winery styles (boutique or renowned estates), and any special interests you might have, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.

Selection of Wineries:

Once we have an understanding of your preferences, our Napa Valley experts curate a selection of wineries that perfectly match your group's taste. Whether you crave the intimate charm of a family-owned vineyard or yearn to explore the prestigious offerings of a renowned estate, we have the perfect options to tantalize your palate.

Itinerary Finalization:

With your preferences firmly in mind, we expertly craft an itinerary that strikes the perfect balance between wine tasting and other engaging activities. Imagine a morning spent indulging in private tastings at exceptional wineries, followed by a delightful lunch amidst the breathtaking vineyards.  Perhaps you'd prefer an afternoon filled with exclusive experiences offered by the estate, or maybe a leisurely exploration of the charming Napa Valley towns. The possibilities are endless, and the final itinerary is a beautiful reflection of your unique desires.

Example Itinerary: A Day with eXtraordinary Tours

Here’s an example of what an all-inclusive day with eXtraordinary Tours might look like:

Morning: Starting the Adventure

  • Pick Up and Champagne: Your day begins with a prompt and comfortable pickup from your designated location in one of our luxurious vehicles. As we head towards the heart of Napa Valley, kickstart your experience with a chilled glass of champagne, setting a celebratory tone for the day ahead.

  • First Winery Visit: At our first stop, you’ll enjoy a private tasting session where you can indulge in a variety of premium wines, guided by knowledgeable staff who will share insights into the winemaking process and the history of the estate.

Midday: Savoring the Flavors

  • Second Winery Experience: Continue your journey to another handpicked winery. Explore the vineyards, taste exclusive vintages, and learn about different grape varieties and their influence on the flavors of the wine.

  • Lunch at the Vineyard: Relish a gourmet lunch at a picturesque spot within the vineyard. Choose between a laid-back, deli-style meal or a more sophisticated catered lunch, surrounded by the serene beauty of rolling vineyards and the tranquil Napa countryside.

Afternoon: Immersive Exploration

  • Third Winery Discovery: Visit a third winery. Depending on your preferences, this could include a barrel tasting, a blending session, or a behind-the-scenes tour of the winemaking facility. 

  • Leisure Time: Enjoy some leisure time to explore the winery grounds, take photos among the vines, or simply relax with a glass of wine, soaking in the atmosphere and reflecting on the day’s experiences.

Optional Evening Extension

  • Sunset and Wine: Should you choose to extend your day into the evening, we can arrange for a sunset viewing at a final winery or a scenic location. Pair the breathtaking views with a selection of local cheeses and wines for a perfect end to an extraordinary day.

  • Return Journey: As the day winds down, we’ll ensure you are transported back to your accommodation in comfort, leaving you with cherished memories of a day well spent in Napa Valley.

This example itinerary is just a starting point. At eXtraordinary Tours, every aspect of your tour can be customized to ensure that your Napa Valley experience is as unique as it is memorable. Whether it’s adjusting the pace, adding activities, or selecting specific wineries, we are here to make your wine country dreams come true.

Customize it All: You Choose Your Tour

Every group has unique preferences and expectations. That's why we offer both fully customizable tours and thoughtfully curated preset tours, designed to showcase the very best of the region.

Personalized Tour Options:

Do you dream of exploring hidden gem wineries or indulging in exclusive winemaker experiences? Perhaps you have a specific varietal you'd love to focus on, or a special occasion you'd like to commemorate.  Our team of Napa Valley experts is here to listen to your vision and meticulously craft a one-of-a-kind itinerary that brings your dream wine tour to life.

Preset Tours: A Curated Journey

If you're looking for a pre-planned itinerary thi Jo at showcases the highlights of Napa Valley, we offer a selection of exceptional preset tours designed to cater to a variety of interests:

  • Silverado Trail Tour: This tour features a patio tasting at the prestigious Mumm Napa, a Rutherford Ranch Winery tasting followed by a catered lunch from the renowned Bouchon Bakery, and concludes with a patio tasting at the Black Stallion Winery.

  • Heart of Napa Valley Tour: Immerse yourself in the heart of Napa Valley with a tasting at the historic Beringer Vineyards, followed by a delightful catered lunch at V. Sattui Winery.  Cap off the day with panoramic views and a tasting at the iconic Sterling Vineyards.

  • Classic Castle Experience Tour: Step back in time with a visit to the captivating Castello di Amorosa, followed by tastings at V. Sattui Winery and Sterling Vineyards, offering a delightful blend of history and exquisite wines.

Transportation Coordination:

Whether you choose a personalized tour or a preset option, our professional chauffeurs will ensure seamless transportation throughout your Napa Valley adventure. For larger groups traveling with 14 or more guests, we take the experience a step further by including a knowledgeable concierge on board. 

This dedicated team member not only ensures safe and efficient travel but also enriches your journey with insightful commentary about the Napa Valley region and its acclaimed wineries, transforming your wine tour into a truly immersive experience.

Craft Your eXtraordinary Napa Valley Escape

We go beyond transportation and itineraries; we craft personalized journeys that weave together luxury, expert planning, and unforgettable moments that linger long after the last sip.

Whether you crave the intimacy of a private tour for two or the lively celebration of a group outing, eXtraordinary Tours has the perfect Napa Valley adventure waiting for you. Explore hidden gems, indulge in exclusive winery experiences, or embark on a pre-curated tour showcasing the region's iconic offerings. The choice is yours.

Don't settle for an ordinary Napa Valley experience. Contact eXtraordinary Tours today and let us craft your personalized wine country escape. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and creating memories that will last a lifetime.


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