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Why Offsite Corporate Teambuilding Events are Important

Teams: They’re incredibly important to companies of all sizes and levels of success, as they’re the cogs in the gears of any business plan. Employees continue to work tirelessly amongst one another to bring the vision, strategy, operations, and goals of their company to life. As such, the focus has grown over the years to ensure that company culture and work environment are at the forefront of consideration by modern Human Resource Practices. In this era of the “Great Resignation”, today’s workers are more particular about their desired working environments than ever before. After COVID-19 made work from home a possibility, it cemented in the modern worker’s mind a variety of questions, such as “Am I valued at my work?”, “Can I identify with my company?” and “Is this the best place for me to work?” to name a few. In this, employee turnover has increased to record rates, and many employees who may have been satisfied with their previous work are continuing to consider leaving for companies that share their values and workplace desires more closely. More than anything, the goal of any company that wants to succeed is to make themselves optimal choices for skilled workers and fill their personnel needs.

Within this, it is important to think about not only how new hires will perceive the company culture and environment, but also how to best integrate them into teams. Thus, the concept of Team Building Activities came to be! While simple “Ice Breaker” activities in most offices are continually commonplace, modern companies have shifted their perceptions of the best ways and places to foster cooperation between employees. Offsite events have become a part of that equation because it separates employees from their standard work environment and puts the employee focus at the forefront. This investment of time and resources is becoming a more practiced and expected outing of employees and is perceived to be a key part of modern Team Building throughout many industries.

Even with this shift, one may ask: What are the benefits of offsite Team Building Events? Is it worth the time and investment the events can take to have a more successful team? There are a few key benefits to this type of event:

Identity and Productivity

By taking the time to build a team through exercises, employees have been statistically proven to be more likely to identify with the company they work for. This investment into giving a truly unique experience to workers increases their motivation on the job, as it showcases care for employees. Additional benefits include increase in confidence levels, mental health, and even physical health! Employees who gain these experiences have been observed to have more enthusiasm at work, leading to a more productive team.

Camaraderie and Communication

As an activity among teams, Team Building events naturally assist with growing relationships between co-workers. By taking a group of employees into a fun environment outside of the office, it fosters open communication by encouraging relaxation and natural demeanors, shedding the “work walls” of the community. As they get to know each other, it can build trust and respect among fellow workers, as those involved won’t just be a group that punches a clock together. They’ll have this experience they shared as a continuous reminder that they are much more than that!

Longevity and Cultural Impact

Employees who embark on Team Building experiences are more likely to stay with the company longer and are more likely to think that their company treats their employees well. Outside of this, managers can identify those who possess creativity and leadership skills among their group, leading to a discovery of the perfect candidate for a promotion within the company. This focus on skills and worker experiences is a larger part of the perceived company culture, and happy employees will share their experiences with not only friends and family, but potential new hires!

As these benefits are outlined, a great offsite corporate Team Building event is a Wine Tour of Livermore, Napa, and Sonoma! Learn more about our offerings at our corporate page here.

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